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COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Practice Policies

COVID-19 Symptoms

DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO PRACTICE OR GAMES IF THEY ARE EXPERIENCING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING SYMPTOMS! This includes if they live with someone who is experiencing symptoms as well!

·          Fever or chills

·          Cough

·          Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

·          Fatigue

·          Muscle or body aches

·          Headache

·          New loss of taste or smell

·          Sore throat

·          Congestion or runny nose

·          Nausea or vomiting

·          Diarrhea

We cannot emphasize enough that if your child is sick or has any symptoms - do not bring them! 

Practice and Game Sessions - Guidelines and Protocols

These guidelines and protocols are subject to change as the situation dictates – if the past few months has taught us anything, it is that things change, and change fast. Please bear with us if we add additional protocols or rules as we move forward.


Pre-Game Check-In:

·         Parents or guardian must drop child off at practice or games if at all possible

·         Parent/Guardian must certify that each child is symptom free – each child must turn in a ‘COVID-19 Checklist’ to their coach – NO Form = NO Participation!

  • These will be distributed at the first week of practice. One child per form, regardless of the number of children participating. The referees will check with the coaches prior to the game and any child without a COVID-19 Checklist signed and dated that day will not be permitted to participate.

·         Any symptomatic child, or one registering a fever, will not be permitted to practice or continue to the practice area.


·         SPYFC personnel will have the final call as to whether a child will be permitted to practice/participate; they may request an on-site temperature check if they believe a child may be exhibiting symptoms.


Parents and Spectators

·         Parents will ONY be allowed to stay in designated areas – this will include the bleachers and along the far side of the track.

  • There will be NO interaction between parents and participants once arriving at the game field area. This includes drink breaks. The game slots are only one hour long, so encourage your children to attend to bathroom breaks before coming to the game field if possible.

·         Please send your child with all appropriate gear and equipment already on

·         ONLY designated coaches and approved team personnel will be allowed on the game field area.



Practices and Pre-Game Warm-Ups:

·         Each child will proceed directly to their designated practice area or warm up area as dictated by their coach.

·         Each practice area will further be marked off (cones/paint) so that each child will be 6-10’ away from other children – this is their ‘practice spot’ where they will keep their equipment and water/drinks.

·         Prior to the start of practice or pre-game warm-ups, children will be expected to wait at their designated spot and not run around and play with nor physically interact with other children
·         Water Breaks:

  • We will NOT be providing water or drinks – be sure to send enough for your child to drink.

·      This is to eliminate the practice of ‘shared’ bottles

  • During water breaks, players are to report immediately back to their ‘practice spot’, and not physically interact with the other children or parents


Practices and Game Days:

·         Participants will adhere to social distancing guidelines as far as practical for purposes of drills and or exercises; during games while on sideline, players will stay on their designated spot

·         All participants are reminded to be respectful of other participants and keep their hands to themselves at all times.


·         Parents will be asked to take the participant home and remind them of the seriousness of the situation and the potential consequences of their actions. Parents who are not in attendance will be expected to come and pick up their child upon receipt of a call from designated team personnel

·         Based upon drills and levels of contact, hand sanitizers may be presented and players instructed to use them before or after drills.

·         Facemasks will not be required during practices for players. ALL Coaches will wear face coverings.


After Practice And Games

·         All players will immediately (upon dismissal by their coach) leave the practice area or game fields

·         There will be NO games of ‘catch’ after practice nor goofing around/roughhousing  - All players will shower immediately upon returning home

 Equipment Sanitization

·         Any equipment to be used during a practice or game session MUST be sanitized with an approved anti-bacterial cleaner prior to practice (this includes balls, flags, cones, etc.)

·         As much as possible within the framework of the practice or game, equipment will be sanitized when not in use

·         Immediately after practice or games (and before storing equipment), any equipment or gear used MUST be sanitized in a similar manner to that done before practice


Out Of State Travel and Vacations – Quarantine

In keeping with the latest state guidelines for out of state travel (available here), all participants who visit or travel to one of the following states MUST either quarantine away from the team for 14 days upon their return; or provide evidence of two negative COVID-19 tests (taken at least 48 hours apart and after their return). Current list of states affected include:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee

Please check the updated lists frequently if planning out of state travel.


Attendance, Participation, and Dress Code - Football

We cannot stress enough the importance of practice to contribute to your children's continued improvement, development, and success on the field. We encourage you to make sure your child can attend and participate in all scheduled practices and scrimmages. Failure to attend practice or failure to participate in practice can and will impact your child's ability to participate on game days. We allow each team's head coach the ability to determine their own attendance policy and disciplinary actions, and urge you to communicate with them in advance if at any time your child will not be at practice or will be late.Failure to participate will also affect your child's playing time, including waiving of the minimum play guidelines below.

We expect our Junior Eagles to be respectful of each other and the adults who are helping them. We are teaching them to think as part of a team and the larger community. As such, conduct and behavior detrimental to the team, league, or fellow participants will not be tolerated. This includes bullying (verbal and physical), fighting, swearing/obscene language, or the use of violence in any form. This includes, practices, conditioning sessions, and game days as well. Failure to follow these rules may result in disciplinary actions as prescribed by the team Head Coach, the Director of Football, or a decision by the Board of Directors. Disciplinary actions may include loss of playing time/suspension, or removal from the program.

Dress Code:
Coaches may determine the equipment their teams will wear for a given practice, based upon weather, practice plans, and team needs. However, if your child fails to wear the prescribed uniform for that practice or game, they may not be eligible to participate.

Minimum Play Policy - Football

As an organization, we will always prioritize player safety first and foremost when determining player participation and playing time. We also believe that playing time is best determined by hard work, discipline and good practice habits. In consideration of this, we will make our best effort to ensure every player plays a minimum amount of plays per game (playoff games excluded), based upon rostered team size on game day:

·         11-20 players – 6 plays

·         21-30 players – 4 plays

·         31 + players – 2 plays

In order for the player to qualify for their minimum number of plays, they must be able to demonstrate the following (at a minimum):

·         Player can demonstrate a proper stance for the position he or she is asked to play

·         Player must be able to line up in the proper position/ place on the field

·         Player must have a basic understanding of the difference between offense and defense

·         Player must be aware, focused and engaged enough to protect him or herself and not put players around them at an increased risk of injury.

The minimum play count may be reduced due to reasons that include (but are not limited to):

·         Absence or lack of participation in practice

·         Disciplinary actions taken by coach, parent, or school

·         Poor or disrespectful behavior towards coaches, parents, teammates, opposing players, or referees

·         Injury or Sickness

·         Failure to report to games at designated time

·         Player Safety Concerns

If the head coach feels that playing the minimum amount of plays may results in an unsafe situation for the player, they may reduce the number of plays for an individual as necessary. Such concerns should be expressed to the parents, the Director of Football, and the President/Vice-President of the SPYFC no later than Thursday of game week.

Each team will designate one sideline coach per game to track player participation. If players have not been in the game for at least half of their designated minimum plays by the start of the fourth quarter, they will enter the game to start the quarter and remain in the game until they have played their designated minimum plays.

Attendance, Participation, And Dress Code - Cheerleading


If you are planning a vacation, please let the Head Coach know as soon as possible. If your child is unable to make a practice, please text the Head Coach 24 hours prior- excluding a family emergency or just got sick that day- if either of those happen, text the Head Coach as soon as you know! If your child is unable to make a game, please let the Head Coach know the beginning of that week!

If your child misses more than 1 practice per week, they cannot participate in the half-time routine, but they are welcome to cheer with their team otherwise. It is your responsibility to be caught up on any missed cheers. You can find them on our Facebook page! If you do not know the cheers come game day, you will not be able to participate.

In the beginning of every practice, we will be having conditioning- this is to ensure we are building up the strength of our girls so they can jump, stunt, or tumble without possible injury! Please have your child at practice on time, or 10 minutes early- if you are expecting to be late, please text or call the Head Coach so we can make sure they are stretched and conditioned before jumping into cheers, stunts, jumps, or tumbling!

Dress Code:

Game Day:
• Clean uniform, no spills or dirt
• Clean white shoes
• White short socks
• Hair up in a ponytail with correct facing bow
• NO jewelry
• Natural makeup only

• NO high-tops, or flip flops! Athletic shoes ONLY.
• Hair up at all times
• NO jean shorts; athletic clothes ONLY.
• NO jewelry

Failure to follow the dress code results in not participating in that practice or game.

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